Social Studies

Social studies is integrated into all of our English classes as much as possible to give the students a more worldly view. Our first big research project is a persuasive essay and promotional/tourism project about a country. We often read stories about children in other countries, especially in our social issues unit and world war 2 history unit. In our dedicated social studies class, we learn about other cultures and some geography to help learn how to use a map and where different countries around the world are located.

Sites We Use in Class

Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software has many geography games, quizzes, and activities. It is divided by continent.

National geographic kids

National Geographic for Kids is website from the magazine. We use it for learning about social studies and practicing reading and learning new facts about the world.

Free Rice

This website donates rice to the World Food Programme through the UN when you correctly answer vocabulary or geography questions.

Africa Bingo at Bingobaker

This is the BINGO board I created for us to play with using all of the countries in Africa. We can play totally online.

UNWTO Tourism Video Competition

This website is full of awesome tourism videos for different countries around the world. It was part of the 2017 United Nation World Tourism Organizaion.


Ducksters is a great online resource for our research projects in class and practicing geography.

Some Cool Projects

Here are some remarkable tourism projects about different countries that students have created in our social studies class.

The Geography Bee

Get ready for the International Patrographic Geography Bee! We study a lot of international facts and geography in class, which will help you do well on the Geography Bee in school. Here are some useful resources to look through if you want to get the trophy this year!