My Bio

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in America and spent most of my life there. I studied too many things in college because I like to learn everything, but I eventually settled on majoring in English. While in college, I studied, business, economics, politics, linguistics, Spanish, and Chinese before finishing with English. Later I got my M.Ed in education. I moved to Qingdao, China in 2008 where my two sons were born.

Before I moved to Beijing and started working at BIBA in 2015, I lived in Qingdao for 7 years and worked at the Korean International School in Qingdao. You can check out my old class webpage here.

In my free time, I like reading, writing stories and silly poems, playing video games, playing with my sons, and doing all kind of technology stuff-like creating this web page you're reading right now! I am also currently learning Python to create programs for my robot. I enjoy lots of kid things and have often been called a large child living in an adult's body. When I grow up, I want to be a writer or a bird...maybe a writer. I am pretty goofy and try to make everything a game so I can enjoy life. We always have fun in my class.

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Mr. Pat's Creations


I like to play around with code and technology and can program decently in HTML. Here are some Scratch games or projects I've created to help my students learn. Technology is the future!


Here is a video I put together for my fellow teachers. We work hard for you!


Here is my first novel, The Hidden World.

The Hidden World, takes place in a modern-day city, not special or different in any way…on the surface. A normal human would never notice the friendly alien pet store selling the cute little ploopies, the big fat yellow Ascii tending the hi-tech hardware store, or the old green lizard-like Cobol selling antiques gathered from around the galaxy. A normal human wouldn’t. But after 14-year-old smart-aleck Boolean and his autistic twin brother Hashtag unlock an alien race’s super weapon, they are imbued with power to speak the language of machines and see the hidden world around them.

I have my own poetry page full of goofy poems

Some Interesting Facts about Mr. Pat

Here are some things for you to get to know me better. Pay attention. There will be a quiz!

I have lived in China longer than my Chinese students.

I hate bananas. They literally make me nauseous.


I like Pokemon and did my research project on Nintendo.

I am pretty goofy and do silly things to entertain myself.

I drink too much coffee and caffeine which makes me hyper.